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Where is The Climb Adventure Lagoon?

The Climb Adventure Lagoon is located in Russellville, KY.  Our exact location is 1850 Nashville Rd.  Russellville, KY 42276.  Coming from Russellville, we are located .5 mile past Logan Memorial Hospital on your left.  Coming from Adairville we are located .25 mile past the new bypass on your right.  There is a billboard located at the entrance way.



Everyone on the climb property is required to sign a waiver.  Follow the link to fill out electronic waiver.

Are kids allowed?

Kids are welcome to participate in any of the activities as long as they are accompanied/supervised by an adult.  No kids under the age of 7 will be able to participate in the zip line.

About the OwnersProPho

Benjamin Lamb grew up in New Concord, population -1,000. The Lamb family consisted of Ben, his mom and dad, and fourteen home schooled siblings. He learned early, how to live off the land which was perfect considering his home was nestled next to a beautiful abandoned rock quarry. Growing up around a rock quarry was every kids dream. Everyday there was endless fun; fishing, swimming, climbing up rocks, and jumping off rope swings.

At the age of fourteen, Benjamin became an accomplished entrepreneur. Opening his first lawn and landscaping service, he met struggles of everyday adult life.  When Ben turned sixteen, he opened a construction company–quickly learning the ways of the trade.  Pushing into adulthood, at twenty, he purchased his first tree service company which meant chasing storms around the country; helping rebuild the nation after winter storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes. After five years on the road, Benjamin settled down with his wife and family in Bowling Green, Kentucky where he currently owns and operates the tree service, BG Treeman, LLC.  Today, he is a husband, dad to four children including their professional chauffeur, and a successful business owner of multiple companies.

Tina Lambmarines

Tina Lamb is a Bowling Green, Kentucky native.  Born and raised in the small community of Richardsville, Tina was raised one of five children.  Growing up on a small farm, Tina’s parents pushed their children to complete higher education, so that they would not endure the same career struggles. Tina’s parents both worked but neither made enough to raise and feed five children. Tina and her twin sister Stacey were taken under the wing of their Aunts who helped raise, cloth, and feed them.  Without their support, bare necessities for a child would have never been met.

Tina kept her grades above average and when she became a senior in high school she was already working three jobs to support her family.  Looking for other avenues to pay for college, Tina joined the United States Marine Corps. At the age of seventeen, she signed an eight year contract. Tina served five years active duty and three years reserves. At this time, Tina completed combat tours from 2006 to the beginning of 2008 in Al Asad, Iraq. After fulfilling her duty to her country, Tina was honorably discharged in August of 2008.

After being discharged, she utilized her GI Bill and went to Western Kentucky University where she graduated in December 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts; double majoring in social studies, and history with a high school social studies teaching certification.  She is also two classes shy of finishing a Bachelor in Legal studies from American Military University. Today, she is a step-mom, wife, professional laundry washer, homework police, cook and helps assist her husband in their joint business endeavors.

The Climb Story

The idea of the climb came about from a family friend who pitched the idea.  Using Ben’s child hood quarry memories , and Tina’s military background they pushed to make the dream come true. Spending months looking for an available quarry, they settled on an 88 acre location in Russellville, Kentucky. This place became the beginning of something great.  With creative ideas, but a limited budget, they put everything great they could imagine giving you the Climb Adventure Lagoon.

The quarry host zip lines, rope swings, rope climbs, camping, water slides, tight rope walk,  and more.

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